I Am A Knitting Machine

Let me point out that, if there was an award, I would win for the World’s Slowest Knitter. I do what I do for fun and that is it. So, this may not seem like a lot of work on your end but for me? I have been working on my projects pretty much any time I am not busy with life. No real breaks in time. With no further ado, meet my 2 out of 20 bears total that I need to knit and the brim of an exchange hat I am making!

Yes, I really do have a goal of making 20 of these mini bears. The closer it gets to Christmas, I am going to buy ornament hooks to make those little guys into neat little ornaments that my friends can hang on their tree. That is the gift I am giving everyone this year. I am not even sure 20 will be enough little bears. I have a lot of friends on my list.

I like the color combination of the hat so far. I wasn’t sure how the green and turquoise would look once put together, but it looks really neat. I haven’t decided yet if I am going to do a green stripe in the middle of the pattern or do the whole base turquoise.

The hat in progress is based off of this specific hat:

However, this pattern uses tighter stitching. I am not sure whether this will be good or bad. Good for the look, bad for the knitter (namely me) who has to pretty much double up on all the stitches to get the same gage. 🙄

With that said, the hat above went to the very same home that crocheted me this lovely cat in a jumpsuit:

Please, if you love this cat check out some of the other amazing things she has made over on her IG page. She makes some amazing products that I never, in a million years, could imagine making. While there, make sure you like my IG page too!

In the meantime, before the Christmas ornament bears, I also managed to finish up this little treasure.

The blue eyes look great on this little bear but I really wish I had given it a nose. Her face looks blank without it.

So, now for the bragging. I like good finds. I got some good finds. The Christmas ribbon and the tie dye/rainbow ribbon? Large rolls for $1 each at Goodwill. The petite red yarn for the exceptionally small bears? Also a Goodwill find. I found a large box of nothing but yarn for $10. Some of it is scraps, some full skeins. Either way, it was perfect for my smaller projects and gave me such a variety. My daughter and I spent hours going through the yarn, just admiring the colors and the textures. I could picture the future projects in my head! I loved it.

Now that you are all up to date, I suppose I should get back to knitting so I have more to talk about later.

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