Hit The Floor Running

If you were looking for some knitting chatter, today is not the day. I have not had time to knit like I would prefer. Today is just a post about life working from a home office.

It has been an interesting journey to get to the point where I made it to production within the company I work for. However, I have made it to the floor, figuratively, and I took off running!

Being a call center worker is not new for me. I, very briefly, gave it a try some years back when I moved to Florida. However, I did not make it to full production. I ended up moving back to Michigan.

This is only the second time in my life I have created a home office situation for myself, though. I fully work from home again. Last time was when I freelanced as a virtual assistant and a writer. So, a work-at-home customer service representative is new to me.

If you have wanted to work from home, I highly recommend it. I am one of those people who is very self motivated and does well working on my own. While the company I work for does not actually allow us to feel alone, I do not have someone over my shoulder. They are virtual. That feels good. I am still alone but with virtual guidance. I am okay with that, and can appreciate that very much.

Working from home for a company is interesting. Like I said, I was used to being my own boss the last time I worked from home. However, I have had jobs in the past where I solo’d my position as a vendor within a company. Once again, no boss over my shoulder. I find this to be very similar to that. I was never one to mess around because I could. I like to work hard and do a good job. I think that gives me an advantage in situations where there is no one keeping a physical eye on me.

If you add to that the fact I am studying to get my license to be a health care insurance agent, you must have some inkling of just how busy I am. I am non-stop working and studying. I have a lot going on in my life (hence why knitting has taken a back seat).

Surprisingly, the studying is going well. I am retaining much of the information through constant studying, notes, and flash cards. I just keep pushing myself to study. If I am tired of testing my knowledge, I take more notes. If I am tired of notes, I quiz my knowledge. I constantly push to better myself and change up how I do it all the time. It has been successful so far. My scores are improving. I will be ready for the state exam in no time.

At the end of the day, everyone, that is my life right now. If you do not see a lot of knitting posts for the next month or so, I will try to keep giving life updates. I am here, I am alive, I am busy as heck.

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