“Moo,” Says The Stuffed Cow

Before you say it, yes I am aware the nose looks like a pig snout. Let me explain… I made up this pattern. I did not buy it. As I was trying to figure out how I would make the cow nose, it ended up round instead of oval. Oh well. In the end, it is still pretty cute for a first try. Right?

If you saw my last post, I made a hat for a little girl’s party. Well, I did not have a chance to make her a gift. So, I improvised. I used some of the leftover yarn and made her a stuffed cow as unique as her little personality. I completely altered a basic teddy pattern to make this cow. Perfect? No. However, I am quite impressed with how cute it looks. I am sure it will be well loved.

With that out of the way, I am now working full time from home as a call center rep. I have been insanely busy with prepping for my new job, the previously posted hat, and just not feeling very motivated to knit. That is what has been happening with me and why you have not heard from me. However, I am here and well.

Right now with my new at-home job, I am only going into day 2 of the training phase. I am very excited to get here. I have worked from a home office before, although through self-employment. However, I am really good at being self-motivated and work much better without someone literally over my shoulder. If you work-at-home folks are reading this, you know what that means. For the rest of you, it means I know what to expect and I am motivated enough to succeed without a full office around me. I actually consider that a win. Me + crowds do not mix. I am more productive when I work as a team of one with guidance along the way. Why not virtual guidance?

Lastly, I hope to pop in here more often and drop a note more often, even if I have no projects to share. Sometimes I forget this is a personal blog and not my business.

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