Down On The Farm: Special Request Cow Hat

So, I have been busy the past couple weeks. I have been prepping to start working from home as a call center representative (and I have already started), plus I have been working on this interesting cow hat!

This hat is for a special little girl who loves (and I do mean loves) cows. She is having a farm themed party and her mom asked me if I could make something similar to a popular image floating around the web. I found the pattern, but for a newborn size hat. I altered it a bit, the dad provided a cow tag for the ear, and voila! This is the final product.

I had a lot of fun seeing this piece come together. I thought for sure it was going to be a flop.

I have never had to make something this custom before, so I was really nervous. I suspect the hat is too big around and too short in all honesty. However, it will do for one special day and for a special memory.

I found the pattern on Etsy, although I cannot remember who the seller was. Either way, I recommend the pattern because it was easy to follow and alter as needed for a larger head.

If I ever make this one again, I feel I should add eyes and a nose. It feels like it needs it.

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