Business Phone, Grocery Delivery, and Much More

So, it has been a minute since I have made a business update. Honestly, I have been working hard trying to come up with more sources of income. Grocery delivery is great until there are no clients for a day or two. I recently signed up with another service to do something similar. While I am a personal shopper and deliver the groceries now, another service just picks up groceries and offers no contact delivery. I passed their background, and I can start with them when they launch as well.

Probably the most exciting for me is the leap into call center work. I signed up for that as well, once again as an independent contractor. Yet another side business to put under the label of sole proprietorship.

Ever wanted to be a work at home call center worker? I recommend being ready to pay out to get started. I had to get VoIP service (I highly recommend magicJack), and this particular company requires you to pay for your own background check before you start. Don’t forget equipment, too! So, yes, this one requires an investment. Not all companies will allow VoIP service, and require a dedicated landline. So, the route you go actually matters as to how much you spend.

I want to take a moment to simply say that I was impressed with VoIP service. I tested my line after getting it set up yesterday and it works quite well. I am lucky enough to have a special rig set up given to me for the purpose of call center work. What I chose was $50 for the device and 1 year of service. They had a secret E911 fee, though. Just saying, that was sneaky to send a bill after cashing out.

Cheapest service I could find though. If you need just one basic phone line… why not?

So, that is how things are going in my self employment world. I still knit daily, too. I am currently working on a miniature purple teddy bear. I needed a little change. Once I complete it, I will make sure to post about it. I want to make more baby hats too. Right now it is mostly just fun projects, nothing I intend to sell.

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