The Hat That Almost Was (For Sale)

In between life events I had been working on this lovely grayscale hat. Once complete, I fully intended to post it in my Etsy shop for sale. That was a flop the moment I showed it to my daughter and she laid claim.

Hence the title.

It counts as a Hobo Hat if I give it away, right? Right?! Right, we will just say it does so I can say I finally made another adult hat for donation, rather than trying to build shop inventory.

Ever feel a little stretched thin? I sure do right now.

I used 5.5mm round and double pointed needles to make the hat. I knit it using a basic KBL (knit through the back loop) and P1 (pearl one). That is why the lines are so defined and stand out the way they do.

Next I am working on something specifically for Hobo Hats. I am making a baby girl pink hat using the same knit pattern as the grayscale adult hat. I love how it starts tight and stretches for nearly any size head. I think that would come in handy for newborns as they get older. It will allow parents to get more life out of their free hat.

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