The Self-Employment Grind Strikes Again

Everyone, I have been working my butt off as a personal shopper. I am equaling my take home pay from when I still worked for a grocery store. All the same, it does not come without its own set of trials. Hard work pays off, but let’s not forget the key word here is hard!

The thing I miss most about traditional income is a steady income. Steady hours and income is nice. Seriously, just think about it. As an independent contractor, I am dependent on what comes my way. There can be long periods of time with no orders, and a peak period of nothing but orders. I have to work within demand, demand does not work with me. One day I can make over $50 on a single order, the next I could make $9. Steady income is a perk that traditional employment has that I gave up.

Am I disappointed in my choice, though? No! I am still happy with my decision, it just means hard work in a new way. I have to grind and sell my time when the opportunities come to me, not when I want to go to them.

I liken my time blocks like that of an on-call doctor. I am on call to buy and deliver goods at any point in time during the day I choose to work. I can be knitting one moment and running out the door the next.

Let’s not forget flexibility. That was the biggest reason behind my decision to go back to self-employment. At the end of the day, if I need time off, I get it. There is no rejection if I cannot work that day. I am not risking the loss of my job. Last minute appointments happen, and I can handle them as they come now. I just have to work harder and take more jobs around the appointment that day, or on another day. I could even decide to work an extra day I was not planning on before hand. It is all up to me, the self-employed independent contractor.

Then there is my freed up time. I have that now. I make more for the time spent working, so I can use my freed up time to work on my passions. I can write, blog, or even knit something new for my shop. I can work on growing my business beyond personal shopper. For solopreneurs like me, being able to focus important time on passions like that is important. We want them to grow and we need time to feed into them.

Days like today I struggle with my decision because not many jobs have come my way. I have not made a lot of money. Tomorrow is a new day with a new story, but moments like now trigger financial anxiety. Alas, that is the life of a personal shopper and I do not regret it.

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