Want To Sell? Then Sell!

As most people are aware, I don’t just knit. I run a very small business selling some of my crafted goods online and off. What I don’t sell, I donate to people in need locally. I seem to have crafting and selling down to an art. So, how can you do it too?

If you want to sell, just do it. List your best quality products and see what happens.

I recommend Etsy with their cheap listing costs and easy advertising options. They handle the promotion for a small cost, which makes it worth the work for a small startup. That is the exact reason I selected them for myself. They give new sellers a chance. Once you have some grounding behind you in sales, moving to other formats becomes much easier.

Don’t be afraid to advertise. That is why I recommend Etsy for crafters. The simplicity of advertising makes it worthwhile. People will not magically find your products; you have to get the word out. Being the main name behind all things hand crafted helps you most of all.

Just do not limit yourself to the web. By all means, open up your options and take them offline. You might be surprised by all that is available for selling locally. Local craft shows, vendor opportunities, and various sales opportunities exist in local communities. Make up some business cards, set up a booth, and show the people locally what you can do. You might surprise yourself! Outdoor markets can make you money if you have the time and patience.

Most of my sales are through word of mouth. People I know who know some people, and those people spread the word too. Especially if they have seen something I have done and decide they want something like it for themselves (or, in most cases, for a baby. I do seem to specialize in baby hats after all). Word of mouth can be your best ally as an advertisement. Get the word out, and let the sales come to you.

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