The Big Purse: The Crafting Addiction Edition

Seriously, let’s say you have an addiction to knitting. You already carry your knitting with you in a separate bag everywhere you go. So, how can you simplify your carry on addiction? By enlarging your existing handbag. Well, assuming you are female and carry a purse. Not everyone fits the stereotype. If I did, I would be an 80 year old retired woman. Face it, people assume you are old and bored if you knit.

I am addicted. I am that woman who has her knitting bag on her arm no matter where she goes, just in case. I am not yet sure the emergency, but I need it. Whether it is a sudden long wait somewhere or there is a hat crisis and only I can supply what is needed. Ok, the latter is an exaggeration. However, I am not far off from my reason when you consider some of the longest waits you have to make in your life. If I go to a friend’s house to just be there, my knitting comes along. Spending time with the boyfriend? So does my knitting.

That brings me back to the title. The big purse. Today I got out my big purse and put my knitting in it. I was using an overly small bag to carry the essentials and nothing more. I decided to downsize my carry on by upsizing my purse to carry all of it.

What are some of the crazier things you have done for your craft?

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