Pandemic Entrepreneurs Are Delivering Your Groceries

The year has started out a mess, and the mess continues as people find themselves out of work much longer than they can afford. The unemployed are finding that the stimulus help can only cover so much before it runs dry. With the loss of jobs has come something new, Pandemic Freelancers.

These pandemic freelancers, as I like to refer to them, are coming out of the woodwork to find odd jobs that will make them spare cash. Bills do not take a vacation, even if regular employment can. While the pandemic did eliminate some freelancer positions as well, some are flourishing. In particular, the personal shopper.

Companies like Instacart, DoorDash, and Shipt are seeing a surge in subscriptions and a need for people to fill those orders. Pandemic freelancers are taking advantage of these opportunities, and they are doing quite well in the process. Instacart shoppers, for example, average around $10 per hour for the jobs they do. In bigger cities, this can increase considerably. The more jobs taken, the more money that can be made in a day. In smaller towns it may be harder to reach a good goal, but taking on extra zones is also possible. The more zones worked regularly, the more money earned on a regular basis. You are your own limit when it comes to taking orders, and picking which orders you want to take.

Of course, opportunities like this have some downsides. Full service shoppers deal with wear and tear on their vehicles. No car? No income. Many stores have begun to offer curbside grocery pickup, creating competition for the companies offering these services. There is also the fact that jobs are random. There is no guarantee for a set income. With many jobs on a first come, first serve basis, it can also mean the jobs disappear faster than they can be selected. It all depends on who is faster with the click. When working in multiple zones, there is no telling how much traveling will be required. Demand shifts daily, so finding a good zone to remain in may be difficult.

These freelancers shine above the rest for many reasons. From self motivation to organizational skills, it takes a lot to be successful in any business. The biggest key to their personality is their entrepreneurial spirit. That drive to run their life like a business, because it is essentially a business, so they can make what they need to survive is admirable. It is why they succeed!

Not all pandemic freelancers will remain freelancers once the economy has rebalanced. After all, steady income has a strong lure on its own. Freelancing, like any entrepreneur knows, means working harder without the guarantee of a paycheck. However, this crisis has allowed many opportunists a chance to see what they can do when in a pinch, and they have learned something new about themselves. They learned what it is like to be in business. It may have even made some dreams reality.

At the end of the day, these people have found a way to generate an income when there was none. They are an inspiration to anyone out of work, and living proof that within disaster comes hope.

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