Non Knitting Hooblah

Usually I only write about knitting stuff. Whether it is a project or something I am selling. Today I want to take a moment to say:

I went self employed!

I left my day job, that is right. I freelance full-time as a personal shopper. I knit in my downtime to generate products I can sell online. Now I have a really nice laptop to boot, so I am also writing again (find me at hubpages).

I am fully reliant on my skills to earn an income and I love it.

Most people don’t realize I was once a freelance writer and virtual assistant. For years, actually. It was a business I was good at and I loved doing. Then life happened. This leap, although it may seem impulsive – huge – is genuinely not as crazy as it could have been. I have done this before. I am earning a decent income as a personal shopper right now (almost grateful for the current pandemic making people like me necessary). It works around my schedule, not the other way around. It leaves me plenty of time to grow other areas of my business.

Most of all, I am happy.

Next post will be about my knitting. For the moment, though, I just wanted to say, “Life is good for this dreamer.”

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