Completed Projects and a Happy Accident

I completed 3 smaller projects over the last couple days. The bear I finished on Saturday. It has a home with a friend. My safety doll eyes came in the mail Friday, so I was able to give my bear a way to see. The eyes were hard to handle and place. With practice I hope the process will be easier.

The yellow beanie is proof that my hat skills are improving. I like how it turned out. It is going in the Hobo Hat donation bin for this winter. It is one that I can imagine someone enjoying. Simple, basic, and very warm.

The brightly colored baby hat has a separate future. It is going into the baby hat bin to donate to our local hospital once the stay-at-home order is finished.

About one week ago I ordered purple baby yarn to make a customer bear. I bought extra so I could make myself one too (it is my favorite color). Instead I ended up with bulky baby yarn. Not quite right for bears, but great for a matching headwrap and fuzzy scarf!

Thankful for a happy accident, this means I will have a matching set to go with my coat!

That is what I have been working on and where I have been. I hope all of you are happily crafting too!

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