Poncho Progress #1 and Mini Bear Update

At 6″ long, I am still barely into the first of 2 strips I have to make for my poncho. Only 24″ left for this first half. 😅🤦‍♀️

Honestly, although simple, I knew this project would be time consuming. It is 100 sts per row after all. It is not like one of my 13 sts wide headwraps that take next to no time to pull together.

I am not sure how I feel about making the poncho. I do know I like the idea but not the time investment.

I think the first step was simply pulling out the project to do a couple rows here and there while I keep busy. My self quarantine officially ends next Thursday, and I go back to being an essential employee. Until then, I shall keep bouncing between projects to keep myself entertained.

For those following my mini bear progress, I ordered safety eyes for my bears. Aka plastic doll eyes. Stay tuned for my next bear with eyeballs (all the better to see you with, m’dear).

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