5″ Teddy Bear Bonanza (and a Knitting Nook, too)

I have been busy since my last post. I have made 3 mini teddy bears and set up an office just for my knitting. My little Knitting Nook, as I like to call it. The bear above I made especially for my daughter.

My first teddy bear.

I think I did pretty good with my bears right from the start. I use baby yarn and #2 needles. The pattern is very simple. Go to my previous post for the link to the full pattern.

A friend requested this teddy, and I was happy to comply.

My needles are foreign and I am actually using slightly smaller 2.5mm needles because I am cheap and ordered foreign needles. 😂 Cheap or not, they do the job.

I deviated from the pattern by making a cloth scarf for each bear (rather than a yarn bow), and on the bear for my daughter I added 2 rows to make the head a little more proportionate to the body. As you may have noticed in the first and second blue bears, the head is a little small. The green one used 2 extra rows for the head (40 total rows) and I like how it looks.

As you can see, my hobby has taken over a corner of my living room and I love it! During this quarantine, nothing makes me happier than being able to sit in my nook and work on a project. Now I just need an office chair! My folding chair lacks, how do I say this, comfort.


  1. Lovely bears, I love the way they are emotionless and the cloth scarf instead of knitted anything, two different textures is more interesting than one.
    And your nook is inspiring. I’m knitting in an office chair and hate it 🙂 Maybe it depends on the chair.

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    1. I am knitting in a folding chair and hate it. I am buying an office chair. I was just knitting while sitting on my couch but my body hated sitting there so long. It doesn’t seem as bad if I sit up straight.


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