Building a Quarantine Poncho

Way back when I decided I would pick up knitting again, I had to buy my supplies from scratch. It had been many years.

My first supply addition was the beginners kit this pattern book came in. It had all the essentials for the same cost as a set without the book. So, why not? The book also acted as a cheat sheet to some of the terms I forgot. It got quite a bit of use for that reason alone.

Somewhere around 3am I decided this book was worth more than that. I had been eyeballing the simple poncho pattern (circled above), but I still have a week and a half in quarantine, before going back to work. I am going to make one!

I always keep multiple projects to keep me active. One alone can get mundane fast. However, I have deemed this my main project. Mostly because I like it so much I would gladly wear it when I am done.

My goal is to finish before I return to work. 🤞🏻


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