New, Improved Knitted Face Mask

Does anyone remember my (too large) first mask?

My newer, better fitting mask.

I looked around the internet, purchased multiple patterns and ultimately wound back up with the surgical mask. This time, however, you may have noticed it fits properly! That is because I did some minor alterations to the pattern.

There are 2 main changes I implemented.

  1. I cut down the number of rows used in the mask. Rather than make it so it goes to the neck, I cut it off once it folded partially under the chin, improving how it looks immensely.
  2. I added inside straps to allow for replaceable cloth/filters to be inserted. This increases the masks’ effectiveness.
I included a replaceable cloth rectangle that increases the effectiveness of the mask. It can be removed, washed, and reused.

I also lengthened the lower straps that sew to the longer tie-on strap but that was more for comfort than anything. I had to adjust a bit since the mask ends differently than the original.

Now that I have a pattern I am happy with, my next step is to make more! Using my Hobo Hats platform, I plan to give them out to people in need.

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