Hat #2 With A Few Tweaks

Now that I have completed my first adult-sized hat, I moved on to my second. However, in Angela fashion I tweaked the pattern a touch.

  1. I increased the needle size from 10 to 13. The point of the hats are for warmth not necessarily fashion. That is why I started with a basic pattern and not a harder one. Larger needles allow for faster project time, and a better hat to hat turnover.
  2. With the larger needle size and stitches, I decreased the number of cast on stitches. I get the same width without all the extra stitches.

Ultimately, I am also hoping this approach will help me save on yarn. The more yarn I save, the more hats I can make per skein.

With these few tweaks, I am curious how it will turn out. I may like it more than the original. Who knows!


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