A Little Shake Up…

You are about to see a few changes around here. Are you ready?

  1. This is now simply a personal blog. You will not see a big change in content so much as I will not be using this site to promote my business the way I was. Things will get a little more personal and geared around my passions. I.E. knitting, cooking, etc.
  2. I changed my logo to represent the more personal website approach.
  3. I will talk about my business and charity on occasion because they are my passions, but we are no longer strictly business.
  4. More frequent content. I plan to talk more about what I am working on or my passions, which translates into more posts than previously.

This change is mostly for my purpose. However, I do hope those of you who still stop in will continue to do so. Interact! Share your thoughts!

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