The (Slowly) Ongoing Knitting Project and Tester Cheesecake

First off, I would like to note I am not the fastest knitter in the business. Couple that with the fact yesterday was my daughter’s birthday (plus I worked a full shift at the day job), and I did not get any extra knitting time in.

However, here is a nice little progress shot of the first scarf I am making for a friend. I love how it has patterned itself naturally. I feel the lucky child will love it when I am done.

Scarves are fun to make, but do they ever really feel finished when you are short on time?

Now on to the cheesecake! Yesterday I made a batch of peanut butter cup cheesecake filling as a small tester. Immediately I realized my mistake; I added too much peanut butter.

Yes, that is a thing.

It also came out more like a mousse (after being refrigerated overnight, more like a solid mousse in taste), but it tasted pretty good.

Since the poll points toward peanut butter as my first cheesecake, now is the time to fine tune the recipe!

Speaking of which, you can still go to our Facebook page and vote on what you want to see us sell first!

Today is a new day, and it will probably be spent working at my day job and knitting at lunch. Here is to hoping tomorrow’s progress will be more notable!

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